Should I buy shoes first?

2 Aug

I had a dream a few weeks ago, that it was my wedding day and i had forgotten to buy my shoes to match my wedding dress, what was very weird was i had forgotten to buy bridal under wear for my first dress aswell.

Because of this i am panicking and I think I should start with the shoes this month, but at the same time I think its too early maybe I should rather concentrate on scheduling an appointment with the priest and then arrange to go for marriage classes. Since I am going to be married in a catholic church it is vital that we first contact the priest six months before confirming the date.

Maybe i should do both this week – buy my shoes, book an appointment with my priest, but my head keeps on saying shoes, shoes, shoes, i dont want to be one of those bride who run around on the day of the wedding or the day before looking for shoes or lingerie.

I want to be prepared, unlike my traditional wedding, I have learned my lesson. For my white wedding a week before I want everything to be confirmed and paid for.

I dont want to be at work abroad and stressing when I land about all this details.

Okay, I have come up with a plan..I will use the bride check list which will guide me on what I should do.

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