Kim Kardashian’s wedding recap

22 Aug

I have always admired the Kardashian family, it reminds me of my sisters, the Modisakeng girls every meeting occasion, especially if we havent seen each other for a while, its dress to kill time. We go all out to be the best dressed, we dont mind even going over the top or being OTT, we love it. When we meet we check each other out with smiles in our faces, approving of each others outfits, we will spend the first hour just admiring each other and finding where what was bought where and how we can get it. My mom enjoys this, and coaches each of us separatly, from hair to the shoes..

My favourite lady is Kim Kardashian, every new purchase i make whether its shoes, a dress or pants, before i go to the mall i need to google Kim’s latest oufits. If you think i am obsessed about Kim Kardashian, you got it wrong my younger sister Sessie, never goes out for a function without wearing something similar to Kim’s published outfits. She has a gallery of all her outfits…Any oufit idea’s, she goes to her gallery.  

Then we heard that Kim Kardashian is getting married, we all looked forward to each and every detail about her wedding, from the decor to her shoe. I even lost count of all the dresses she wore in one day, i think its about three. I loved everything about her wedding, especially her veil and dresses. Now that something i will be looking for, a veil with diamantes and a fish tail dress. My mom will showly approve of the shape of the dress, anything fish tail, she likes. Definetly Kim is a lady with swagga. Now all the family is talking about is my wedding, and we looking for ideas from our fashion icon, Kim Kardashian.

I just thought i would share this video and pics i found on You Tube and the net.

One Response to “Kim Kardashian’s wedding recap”

  1. MONGE August 26, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    she can never go wrong what ever she puts on her body rocks go Kim!

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