Amazing bridal shoes

9 Sep

Its important for all brides to wear comfortable shoes on their wedding day. .

I have always believed that the killer thorns (painful high heels) are best to be worn on the day you have alot on your mind, or are stressed, depressed, in denial, heart broken or just going through something that you want to take off your mind, I find they help me forget all my problems, no matter how big it maybe, because I concentrate so much on the pain my feet are going through and that makes me forget about all the problems. Killer thorns are best for those days or when I want to impress or should I say dress to kill to impress, take them off after everyone has seen them.

Most beautiful, wow shoes are mostly killer thorns, that makes me wanna cry. But the best que on the day you are wearing killer thorns is to make sure, you are going to a sit down occasion.

I dont want do concentrate on the pain on my wedding day and be very uncomfortable, look for any available seat each and every time i move around. My wedding day is all about me, I need to enjoy every minute of it, i need to be very comfortable.

I think every bride needs to wear a comfortable shoe.

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