Siki and Nyiko Baloyi’s Wedding

30 Jan

Interview with the Bride…

How did you meet your prince charming?

We met in 2008 in Cape Town, we were working together in Parliament. Before we even dated, he once told me I look like his wife. And I thought to myself this guy is just dreaming. We dated from 2008, he then moved to Pretoria in 2011, our love for each other was strong despite the distance.

How did he propose?

Early in 2012, he called me to come down to Pretoria. He took me out for breakfast, he told me he would like to send his uncles to my parents, traditionally, he was proposing LOL…
He is unique, and I’m still amazed after all these years, by how much we love each other. I thank God for him everyday, grateful for giving me the man i needed not the one I thought I wanted.

The Wedding….

The traditional ceremony was in Giyani, Limpopo. We wanted something small and traditional. You will see in the photo’s where I’m wearing like a Xhosa makoti, that’s when my family was handing over to the Baloyi family. You’ll also notice, there’s two of us dressed in the same way, that’s my cousin, accompanying me and also to disguise so that the groom won’t know which of the ladies is his wife LOL.

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