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Siki and Nyiko Baloyi’s Wedding

30 Jan

Interview with the Bride…

How did you meet your prince charming?

We met in 2008 in Cape Town, we were working together in Parliament. Before we even dated, he once told me I look like his wife. And I thought to myself this guy is just dreaming. We dated from 2008, he then moved to Pretoria in 2011, our love for each other was strong despite the distance.

How did he propose?

Early in 2012, he called me to come down to Pretoria. He took me out for breakfast, he told me he would like to send his uncles to my parents, traditionally, he was proposing LOL…
He is unique, and I’m still amazed after all these years, by how much we love each other. I thank God for him everyday, grateful for giving me the man i needed not the one I thought I wanted.

The Wedding….

The traditional ceremony was in Giyani, Limpopo. We wanted something small and traditional. You will see in the photo’s where I’m wearing like a Xhosa makoti, that’s when my family was handing over to the Baloyi family. You’ll also notice, there’s two of us dressed in the same way, that’s my cousin, accompanying me and also to disguise so that the groom won’t know which of the ladies is his wife LOL.


Generations Dineo and Phenyo’s Wedding

17 Jan

Thulisile and Cedric Mangena’s ModernTraditional Wedding……

15 Jan

Snowy and Tebogo’s Stylish Traditional Wedding

24 Nov


Mankoana Mogashoa and Nzuzo Nhlebela’s Traditional Wedding themed Fusion of Cultures

30 Jul

How did you meet you Prince Charming?

Our love story is a simple one that was initiated through a friend of mine and my fiancé’s niece. Through their friendship our love journey was sparked and as they say…..the rest is history.

How did Nzuzo propose to you?

Two years later, under the assumption that I was planning his 30th birthday celebration I happily went about planning the perfect evening for him, making sure that our close family and friends were there to share this special moment with him.

On the night the guests started to arrive and the celebrations proceeded. Closer to the end of the night his sister requested him to say his vote of thanks to the guests but before doing that she asked that I stand up next to him so that she could take a photo of us. As I stood next to him, about to strike a pose, he did the unexpected….went down on one knee and popped the question, leaving me in an emotional but amazing daze. He pulled out the bling and the celebrations continued……..

And then followed the beautiful, well planned Traditional wedding….

Tells us about the planning of the traditional wedding…

Planning my traditional wedding was truly an amazing experience, being a Pedi woman I knew that my Pedi people really love great celebrations so I knew it would be a memorable day. But what was even more exciting for me was the complimentary fusion of two cultures that would take place on the day as he is Zulu. So all I envisioned for the day was loads of dancing and bright colours to compliment the joyous celebration in true African tradition. To further extend the fusion of cultures concept I also had my bridesmaids dressed in their different cultured attire and the groomsmen were in Swati attire to accommodate the Swati side of his family.

Soon to follow is the White Wedding…What theme do you have in mind?

With the traditional wedding now behind us and the white wedding ahead of us I must still say there’s nothing more incredible than an African Traditional Wedding celebration. We do still hope to capture and extend that African celebratory spirit with our “Sophiatown” themed white wedding.

Blushing Makoti Says..
Congratulations to Nzuzo and Mankoana, I loved the theme Fusion of Culture, this really makes me proud of being a real African woman. This was a well  planned wedding, different and amazing….

Can’t wait  to see your beautiful White Wedding themed Sophiatown, Blushing Makoti will be there to capture Mankoana’s creative out of the box idea’s. All the best to our beautiful Zulu Makoti….Alililili….

Emeka and Nosipho Muo’s Traditional Wedding

15 Jul Mr and Mrs Emeka Muo's Wedding

I must say this wedding was really stylish and beautiful, someone said it was “the day Soweto came to a stand still”, indeed it was.  The Beautiful, stylish Nosipho looked breath taking with each and every outfit she whore on her speacial day. Emeka Muo is a very lucky man!

Blushing Makoti wishes Mr and Mrs Emeka Muo a happy, God filled, fruitful and peaceful marriage.

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