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Summer 2014 Wedding Dresses/Gowns

15 Mar

Latest wedding dresses trends

27 Aug


Its been about 3 months that I have been searching for my fairy tale wedding dresses, I know in my head what I want for my special day but I havent been able to find a design that matches my dream dress, after speaking to some of my friends and colleagues, one of them said, she is just waiting for her mr right to propose, because she is ready, she has had her wedding dress design in her mind and drew it up ever since she was a child. What got me more frustrated was she wasnt the only one, three of them said almost the same thing.

Okay, here am I still struggling to get my special dress, I recently browsed most of the websites, but still havent found that dress that makes me tick, the one that I picture myself in when I am day dreaming of my special day as i walk down the Isle, what’s more challenging is that my mom was a wedding dress designer, until she decided to explore other opportunities within the industry. I watched brides and brides maids coming in and out of my parents home to do their wedding dress fittings, trying to loose weight, the excitement in their eyes, then the final day which is the day of the wedding, since my mom was the designer she had to be there to dress the bride. So why havent I been able to find my fairy tale wedding dress, is it because I am being to selective?  Or is it because I want a dress that is stylish, trendy, go with my personality,  suit me and make me the most beautiful bride.

As young as 7 years, I was looking though the 500 page bridal magazines and even thought my mom will design my dress when grow up and get married one day, but here I am still trying to find ‘thee perfect wedding dress”. All I know is that one of the dresses will be a one shoulder dress, bling, white, fish tale and the other one will be a ball gown style wedding dress with a long trail, for the third dress I am still undecided, again it will depend on what is in fashion – so it will have to be knee-length dress. I am to have two to three dresses and all two or three must have bling and the Olivia touch or signature to them. Anyone that knows me, knows the kind of dress I am talking about. OTT is my middle name.

I thought I would share some of the latest wedding dresses that I came across, for more wedding dresses ideas visit www.tidebuy.com they have a huge range of stunning and breath-taking wedding dresses.

If you know of a gifted designer near you, please send me their contact details to blushingmakoti@gmail.com so that I can include the designs on Blushing Makoti.

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