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Amazing bridal shoes

9 Sep

Its important for all brides to wear comfortable shoes on their wedding day. .

I have always believed that the killer thorns (painful high heels) are best to be worn on the day you have alot on your mind, or are stressed, depressed, in denial, heart broken or just going through something that you want to take off your mind, I find they help me forget all my problems, no matter how big it maybe, because I concentrate so much on the pain my feet are going through and that makes me forget about all the problems. Killer thorns are best for those days or when I want to impress or should I say dress to kill to impress, take them off after everyone has seen them.

Most beautiful, wow shoes are mostly killer thorns, that makes me wanna cry. But the best que on the day you are wearing killer thorns is to make sure, you are going to a sit down occasion.

I dont want do concentrate on the pain on my wedding day and be very uncomfortable, look for any available seat each and every time i move around. My wedding day is all about me, I need to enjoy every minute of it, i need to be very comfortable.

I think every bride needs to wear a comfortable shoe.

Colorful Mzansi traditional weddings

8 Aug

Lebo Mokoena Seruhle shares her traditional wedding day pictures with blushing makoti. I loved the pictures, beatiful, bright and representing most of Mzansi”s amazing cultural attire’s…

They is nothing like mzansi tradtional wedding, the singing and dancing in the street with makoti and mkwenyana, the amazing traditional dishes, dumpling, chakalaka, beef stew, creamed spinach , I cant forget sqoo or should I say Mqombothi, they is no traditional wedding that is held without our traditional beer.

Makoti ke dinako……

Makoti: Lebohang Mokoena Seruhle
Where: Protea North Nqoyi Street

Mzansi Traditional wedding

23 Jul

A mzansi traditional wedding is a ceremony done after the lobola negotiation. I personally think, a traditional wedding is a must, so that we stay in touch with where we come from as africans.

What fascinates me about the ceremony is the umbeso (exchange of gift) in this instance the family of the groom goes to the family of makoti’s/bride’s house to meet the family and present them with gifts, dress their Makoti/bride with their cultural attire. For example if a Tswana girl is getting married to a Zulu man, the grooms family will dress her in the Zulu attire, to mark that she now belongs to familt and she is now a Zulu married woman. Another one is the slaughtering of the goat and makoti’s family will give half of the sheep to the grooms family.

Then they will be dancing and singing in the streets, to wish makoti/bride well. I really enjoyed the singing and dancing, especially the night before when the grooms family came and sang outside my family home, while i was seating in a room and waiting for the game  to start of choosing the groom among three man covered in blankets…

Next to be featured if our 1st Makoti Lebohang Mokoena Serutle..watch the space for more updates on all the Blushing Makoti

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