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Tswana Traditional Attire For Bo Makoti

19 Oct

Zanele Mbokazi’s Topnotch Wedding

24 Aug

Zanele Mbokazi or should I say the fashionista, the author, the show maker or the preacher, or the business woman. All I can say is she is blessed and is one of the top women that inspires me to go an extra mile.

What a well planned  wedding, from the bride to decor and not to mention the vintage-royal theme and colors. I loved everything about this wedding. The brides wedding gown, took my breath away. I must say I take my hat off to the wedding planners and Zanele the Fashionista, indeed she is a woman with style…Her wedding is every woman’s fairy tale dream

I wanted to share some pictures from the net and friends, including Zanele Mbokazi’s website: www.zanelembokazi.com

Weddings comes with strange things…

8 Aug

Our Blushing Makoti Monge Sithole

2 Months before wedding day she found out I was 3 months pregnant which made me 5 months pregnant during the weddind day/month. I was scared that my dress will never fit me because my wedding gown was bought a couple of months before the pregnancy snicked on me. The dress fit but guess what I was a chubby bride, no one except my hubby and I knew about the pregnancy. People just thought i gained weight from wedding planning stress.

Weddings comes with strange things……

By Monge Sithole

Colorful Mzansi traditional weddings

8 Aug

Lebo Mokoena Seruhle shares her traditional wedding day pictures with blushing makoti. I loved the pictures, beatiful, bright and representing most of Mzansi”s amazing cultural attire’s…

They is nothing like mzansi tradtional wedding, the singing and dancing in the street with makoti and mkwenyana, the amazing traditional dishes, dumpling, chakalaka, beef stew, creamed spinach , I cant forget sqoo or should I say Mqombothi, they is no traditional wedding that is held without our traditional beer.

Makoti ke dinako……

Makoti: Lebohang Mokoena Seruhle
Where: Protea North Nqoyi Street

Should I buy shoes first?

2 Aug

I had a dream a few weeks ago, that it was my wedding day and i had forgotten to buy my shoes to match my wedding dress, what was very weird was i had forgotten to buy bridal under wear for my first dress aswell.

Because of this i am panicking and I think I should start with the shoes this month, but at the same time I think its too early maybe I should rather concentrate on scheduling an appointment with the priest and then arrange to go for marriage classes. Since I am going to be married in a catholic church it is vital that we first contact the priest six months before confirming the date.

Maybe i should do both this week – buy my shoes, book an appointment with my priest, but my head keeps on saying shoes, shoes, shoes, i dont want to be one of those bride who run around on the day of the wedding or the day before looking for shoes or lingerie.

I want to be prepared, unlike my traditional wedding, I have learned my lesson. For my white wedding a week before I want everything to be confirmed and paid for.

I dont want to be at work abroad and stressing when I land about all this details.

Okay, I have come up with a plan..I will use the bride check list which will guide me on what I should do.

To be featured in the blushing makoti blog email blushingmakoti@gmail.com

Mzansi Traditional wedding

23 Jul

A mzansi traditional wedding is a ceremony done after the lobola negotiation. I personally think, a traditional wedding is a must, so that we stay in touch with where we come from as africans.

What fascinates me about the ceremony is the umbeso (exchange of gift) in this instance the family of the groom goes to the family of makoti’s/bride’s house to meet the family and present them with gifts, dress their Makoti/bride with their cultural attire. For example if a Tswana girl is getting married to a Zulu man, the grooms family will dress her in the Zulu attire, to mark that she now belongs to familt and she is now a Zulu married woman. Another one is the slaughtering of the goat and makoti’s family will give half of the sheep to the grooms family.

Then they will be dancing and singing in the streets, to wish makoti/bride well. I really enjoyed the singing and dancing, especially the night before when the grooms family came and sang outside my family home, while i was seating in a room and waiting for the game  to start of choosing the groom among three man covered in blankets…

Next to be featured if our 1st Makoti Lebohang Mokoena Serutle..watch the space for more updates on all the Blushing Makoti

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