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Siki and Nyiko Baloyi’s Wedding

30 Jan

Interview with the Bride…

How did you meet your prince charming?

We met in 2008 in Cape Town, we were working together in Parliament. Before we even dated, he once told me I look like his wife. And I thought to myself this guy is just dreaming. We dated from 2008, he then moved to Pretoria in 2011, our love for each other was strong despite the distance.

How did he propose?

Early in 2012, he called me to come down to Pretoria. He took me out for breakfast, he told me he would like to send his uncles to my parents, traditionally, he was proposing LOL…
He is unique, and I’m still amazed after all these years, by how much we love each other. I thank God for him everyday, grateful for giving me the man i needed not the one I thought I wanted.

The Wedding….

The traditional ceremony was in Giyani, Limpopo. We wanted something small and traditional. You will see in the photo’s where I’m wearing like a Xhosa makoti, that’s when my family was handing over to the Baloyi family. You’ll also notice, there’s two of us dressed in the same way, that’s my cousin, accompanying me and also to disguise so that the groom won’t know which of the ladies is his wife LOL.


Generations Dineo and Phenyo’s Wedding

17 Jan

Lebogang and Bheki Zwane’s Wedding

16 Jan

Emeka and Nosipho Muo’s Traditional Wedding

15 Jul Mr and Mrs Emeka Muo's Wedding

I must say this wedding was really stylish and beautiful, someone said it was “the day Soweto came to a stand still”, indeed it was.  The Beautiful, stylish Nosipho looked breath taking with each and every outfit she whore on her speacial day. Emeka Muo is a very lucky man!

Blushing Makoti wishes Mr and Mrs Emeka Muo a happy, God filled, fruitful and peaceful marriage.

Lerato and Tshepo Ditshego’s White Wedding

18 Oct

First it was the amazing traditional wedding, now Blushing Makoti share’s with you  Lerato and Tshepo’s White Wedding pictures.

This wedding was Ayobaness at its best, simple but yet so woow and classy! I am sure I went through this wedding album about three times. I must also compliment the beautiful and classy Lerato and her prince charming, the beautiful brides maids,wedding planner and photographer. Everything about Lerato and Tshepo’s wedding was topnotch. And the amazing wedding location…

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ditshego…

You can never go wrong with Zulu traditional attire

13 Sep

The one traditional attire thats always stood out is the Zulu traditional dresses, you go to a traditional or white weddings and any traditional function they will be at least over 30% of people wearing it in different style, modern or the old traditional style.

As a Tswana girl getting married to a Zulu man, I was excited, because I knew with the Zulu traditional attire you can never go wrong. But when my turn came, I got worried if my mother in-law will buy me the right colors, or wondered if it wont be too long or if it will suit me, I just had a lot of concerns. I didn’t want to ask her before time because I didn’t want her to think “keya phapha”(I am forward). When it was time for her to dress me up on the traditional wedding day, I was stunned and I almost jumped off my seat. Because she had got me what I didn’t expect, the most beautiful, amazing and stylish/modern Zulu traditional dress, with my favourite colors. I excitedly told my friends that my Mamazala(mother in-law) has style.

I thought I should would share some amazing Zulu brides pictures, including Zuma brides, Sonia Sedibe, Black Coffee’s bride and Ngamla’s bride pictures Zanele Mbokazi and Blushing Makoti’s blogger, the beautiful me…

If you would like to be featured on Blushing Makoti, please send your pictures to blushingmakoti@gmail.com

Latest wedding dresses trends

27 Aug


Its been about 3 months that I have been searching for my fairy tale wedding dresses, I know in my head what I want for my special day but I havent been able to find a design that matches my dream dress, after speaking to some of my friends and colleagues, one of them said, she is just waiting for her mr right to propose, because she is ready, she has had her wedding dress design in her mind and drew it up ever since she was a child. What got me more frustrated was she wasnt the only one, three of them said almost the same thing.

Okay, here am I still struggling to get my special dress, I recently browsed most of the websites, but still havent found that dress that makes me tick, the one that I picture myself in when I am day dreaming of my special day as i walk down the Isle, what’s more challenging is that my mom was a wedding dress designer, until she decided to explore other opportunities within the industry. I watched brides and brides maids coming in and out of my parents home to do their wedding dress fittings, trying to loose weight, the excitement in their eyes, then the final day which is the day of the wedding, since my mom was the designer she had to be there to dress the bride. So why havent I been able to find my fairy tale wedding dress, is it because I am being to selective?  Or is it because I want a dress that is stylish, trendy, go with my personality,  suit me and make me the most beautiful bride.

As young as 7 years, I was looking though the 500 page bridal magazines and even thought my mom will design my dress when grow up and get married one day, but here I am still trying to find ‘thee perfect wedding dress”. All I know is that one of the dresses will be a one shoulder dress, bling, white, fish tale and the other one will be a ball gown style wedding dress with a long trail, for the third dress I am still undecided, again it will depend on what is in fashion – so it will have to be knee-length dress. I am to have two to three dresses and all two or three must have bling and the Olivia touch or signature to them. Anyone that knows me, knows the kind of dress I am talking about. OTT is my middle name.

I thought I would share some of the latest wedding dresses that I came across, for more wedding dresses ideas visit www.tidebuy.com they have a huge range of stunning and breath-taking wedding dresses.

If you know of a gifted designer near you, please send me their contact details to blushingmakoti@gmail.com so that I can include the designs on Blushing Makoti.

Zanele Mbokazi’s Topnotch Wedding

24 Aug

Zanele Mbokazi or should I say the fashionista, the author, the show maker or the preacher, or the business woman. All I can say is she is blessed and is one of the top women that inspires me to go an extra mile.

What a well planned  wedding, from the bride to decor and not to mention the vintage-royal theme and colors. I loved everything about this wedding. The brides wedding gown, took my breath away. I must say I take my hat off to the wedding planners and Zanele the Fashionista, indeed she is a woman with style…Her wedding is every woman’s fairy tale dream

I wanted to share some pictures from the net and friends, including Zanele Mbokazi’s website: www.zanelembokazi.com

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