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Wedding Table Decor Ideas

20 Sep

Thought I should assist our beautiful brides to be by searching though google and sharing some of my favorite Wedding Table Decor Ideas to save you a bit of time….



Wedding Event Decorations


Wedding Center Piece Idea’s…

1 Sep

Are you struggling to find thee special center piece idea that will go along with your theme, personality and most of all, it will make your decor amazing?

If you are as picky as me, it will take you some time to make up your mind in choosing the best center piece for you tables to compliment the theme. I struggle with this as I always want something out of this world. Something Wow! I just don’t want something someone has seen at the recent wedding they have been too. I want a center piece that will tell you about me and my style.

I have been searching for a center piece and wanted to share this with you.

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